Hey you, my name is Eli Mwalimu and I’m a Freelance Writer for hire. Whenever I sit down in front of my computer and write it is like a breath of fresh air, I could honestly do it all day, and I do.

Truth is that writing is hard, and editing is even harder, but it is a love-hate relationship I willfully marry into each and every day. To do that for you is something of a dream for me, whether that is blog writing, transcribing, or simply making the hustle of writing whatever it is you’re struggling with easier for you.

I have been in full-time freelance blogging, writing, and content creation since 2019 with a specific interest in article writing, guest posting, ghost writing, transcription, captioning, and reviewing. I can do up to 3,000 words within the hour, enjoy editing and rewrites, and are all for bringing out your own unique voice and ideas in any and all your content.

It is my job to write so that you don’t have to and P.S, I love it. I also attained a BSc. in Public Relations and Communication from Moi University, Nairobi, Kenya. Alongside freelance writing, I run my own blog where I showcase a portfolio of collaborations, guest posts, and other work I have undertaken over the past year.

I have experience in captioning YouTube and Television shows, transcription of YouTube videos into blog posts, article research and rewriting, and guest posting on blogs.

My time as the Municipal Liaison for the Africa::Kenya region for NANOWRIMO has also equipped me with the necessary skills for proofreading, beta-reading, and reviewing manuscripts. Financial freedom is very important to me and so is preparing the next generation of writers.

Content calendars and schedules keep me up to date with meeting my client’s deadlines and with 99% of my time in front of the laptop everyday, writing, reading, and editing is second nature by now. I enjoy research and use tools such as Otter and Canva to make audio transcription and the creation of Blog media such as cover art and social media posters a lot easier for you, another thing I enjoy a lot.

When I’m not drowned in sticky notes and coffee, you’ll find me catching up on the latest fantasy film, singing in the shower, fantasizing about travelling the world, singing in the kitchen, absconding on my to be read list, singing in the bedroom, petting one of the three, no actually four cats and three dogs and eating, because I love eating, a lot, especially meat.

I also enjoy Kpop in between editing. I can read sheet music now, sort of. I play guitar, sort of. I use a lot of coconut oil for my locs and am always conflicted on whether or not to shave my beard.

I also absolutely love hellos, so reach out, say hi and we’ll take it from there. I’m here to make all your writing nightmares go away.

You can also check out my portfolio here.