About the Author...

Eli is 27 years old and currently living in Kitui, Kenya. He is son to a trained English Lecturer and Architect  who both enjoy his cooking very much. He is the only boy among three girls though hardly spoilt, okay maybe just a little bit. He is also a graduate from Moi University and holds a Second Upper Postgraduate Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations and Communication. Fancy as that sounds though, he would rather spend his days glued to the screen willingly undergoing the excruciating pleasure that is writing.

When he is not drowned in sticky notes and coffee, you’ll find him catching up on the latest fantasy film, singing in the shower, fantasizing about travelling the world, singing in the kitchen, absconding his to be read list, singing in the bedroom, petting one of the three, no actually four cats and three dogs and eating, because he loves eating, a lot.

Eli enjoys reading comic books and watching nonsensical comedy in between editing. He can read music, sort of. He plays guitar, sort of. He also uses a lot of coconut oil for his locs and is always conflicted about whether or not to shave his beard. He also laughs at pretty much anything and everything.