Fashion – Daily Writing Prompts

In the beginning, cave dwellers relied on clothes more for protection from the elements than for fashion. Now, clothing has gone far beyond this to reflect one’s style, self-expression, and art. Englishman Charles Frederick Worth’s House of Worth began the era of modern fashion design in Paris in 1826. No wonder names like Christian Dior, …

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Video Game – Daily Writing prompts

William Higinbotham invented the first video game in 1958. The ping-pong-like game called Tennis for Two debuted at the Brookhaven National Laboratory on a large analog computer. Fast forward to 2022 and we’ve replaced Tennis for Two with virtual reality and scaring the shit out of our pets. Pac-man, Super Mario Bros, Tetris, SimCity, all …

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The Devil is in the Detail, a Short Story

Mrs. Makaka boasted of being the cleanest head cook House Lanka had ever seen. Deep down in the dressed stone walls and spotless floors of the kitchen, she brooded over the greasy pots. Pascal, the second footman, was off nursing a terrible case of athlete’s foot and Miss Ng’ang’a was a no show as always. …

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