Dawn of the Light Kin – Sudden Fiction

Word Count = 600 words

Estimated Reading Time = 3 minutes

Genre = Sudden Fiction

When she woke up, everything was black. The faint dripping sound from the corner of the room would have worried her had she not known better now. As long as there was no movement then there was naught to lose sleep over.

It was dead now, probably drooling into a pool of velvet smoky blood. Yet even with the creature slain, she could not waste time glorying in a victory fete. The worst was still yet to come.

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Stocktaking – Goodbye December

Word Count = 480 words

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes 26 minutes

Hey love. First of all, a Happy New Year in advance and Happy Holidays to you. I don’t know about you but I just love December. Perhaps it is the child in me who just bubbles up with excitement at the very prospect of presents.

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The City of Rats – Flash Fiction

Word Count = 1,030 words

Estimated Reading Time = 5 minutes 

Genre = Flash Fiction

“Today’s the day I change.” The grand wizened one quipped with a nauseating grin.

The gathering was confused. Was the grand well? Certainly, she had to be ill for never had the malevolent one dared make a jest, least of all on this their hallowed day. 

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Stocktaking – Goodbye November

Word Count =545 words

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes 42 seconds

Hello love. Another month has come and gone and I’m glad to admit that I have a lot to be thankful for in the precipice of yet another beginning.

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The Boy Who Flew By The Sole Of His Father – Sudden Fiction

Word Count = 465 words

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes 20 seconds

Genre = Sudden Fiction

A train whistle screamed under the blanket of night as Mr. Munene dropped dead on his study floor. His soul was oblivious of the interruption as he stood up to investigate the disturbance. Beyond the window was a most astonishing sight. A black train crowned in a billowing white mane of smoke tore across a winding bridge. Although it was only minutes to the witching hour, the night sky was burnished with ghostly blue light.

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Poem 010 – Unending

Word Count = 50 words

Estimated Reading Time = 15 Seconds

Genre = Poetry


Whisper please in ebbing light before sleep finds us with the night,

And tell me of that glorious day, when dusk was slain, cast far away,

Of days unending, bright unfading, wrapped in splendor unabated,

Mounting winged dreams amazing, soaring far away unending.


Stocktaking – Goodbye October

Word Count = 415 words

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes

Hey love. Another month has passed and yet again we stand at the precipice of a new beginning. I am happy to say that for the first time in a long time I am expectant and hopeful as well as all the words to express how enthusiastic I am to move into this new beginning.

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Ndindi and the Magic Window – Sudden Fiction

Word Count = 275 words

Estimated Reading Time = 1 minute 23 seconds

Ndindi was never one to be easily stirred from her sleep. However, the tapping on the attic window was unusually loud.

Rap-tap-tap-rap-a-tap-tap the sound went, over and over again.

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