Chapter 1

I read somewhere, in some meme or something that you never forget your first love. When you’re man-crushing, it’s pretty much the same. You know, when your big boy dick is craving some cherry love.

Everything about that time is absolutely magical, no lie. I know this because it was exactly that for me the first time I met Muema.

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Stocktaking – Goodbye February

Hey love. So another month has come and gone and this time I’ll have to admit that things are looking up. February as a whole has been a learning period for me. For one, I’ve had to learn how to live without my dad. As a boy, heck as a man, my father was everything. He was my hero.

There was absolutely no question he couldn’t answer; no problem he couldn’t solve. It was so second nature for me to “fall”, that not until now did I realize that I never expected him not to catch me.

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The Reliquary – Flash Fiction

After a hundred years, he would be the first one to open it. The Tomb of Kings, Reliquary of Solomon son of David, King of Israel and the greatest mind to ever walk the earth. It was also the famed resting place of the greatest treasure on earth; The Solomon Scroll.

He knew it was the reliquary the minute he laid eyes on it, sitting shrouded and hidden in the darkness. He found it ironic how it did not draw any attention to itself considering the man whose bones it held within it; what treasure it held.

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The Journey Begins

I keep coming back to this poem I wrote about 2 years ago and I think I now understand why. Allow me to expound.

Starting over is something I’ve done a couple of times before and each and every time I do so with a renewed perspective and drive. I think it’s a universal rule that it’s impossible to see the end from the start. The good thing though is that in spite of this, it’s such an ethereal experience to look back at the beginning once you get to the end.

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