Stocktaking – Goodbye November

Word Count =545 words

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes 42 seconds

Hello love. Another month has come and gone and I’m glad to admit that I have a lot to be thankful for in the precipice of yet another beginning.

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The Boy Who Flew By The Sole Of His Father – Sudden Fiction

Word Count = 465 words

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes 20 seconds

Genre = Sudden Fiction

A train whistle screamed under the blanket of night as Mr. Munene dropped dead on his study floor. His soul was oblivious of the interruption as he stood up to investigate the disturbance. Beyond the window was a most astonishing sight. A black train crowned in a billowing white mane of smoke tore across a winding bridge. Although it was only minutes to the witching hour, the night sky was burnished with ghostly blue light.

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Stocktaking – Goodbye October

Word Count = 415 words

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes

Hey love. Another month has passed and yet again we stand at the precipice of a new beginning. I am happy to say that for the first time in a long time I am expectant and hopeful as well as all the words to express how enthusiastic I am to move into this new beginning.

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Ndindi and the Magic Window – Sudden Fiction

Word Count = 275 words

Estimated Reading Time = 1 minute 23 seconds

Ndindi was never one to be easily stirred from her sleep. However, the tapping on the attic window was unusually loud.

Rap-tap-tap-rap-a-tap-tap the sound went, over and over again.

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Stocktaking – Goodbye September

Word Count = 400

Estimated Reading Time = 2 minutes

Hello love. I don’t know about you but 2021 seems to be in a hurry to get done. Just the other day I was struggling through the worst New Year and now we’re talking of three months left to the end of the year. If nothing else I want to thank God for his grace and actually getting me this far. I truly did not imagine it would be possible.

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The Coat of Many Colors – Sudden Fiction

Word Count =560

Estimated Reading Time = 3 minutes

Once upon a time, when men conversed with animals, a rainbow appeared in the sky. God used it to descend to earth in the company of the lizard, his most trusted companion.

So pleased was God with the lizard that he made him a coat of many colors from the rainbow. The chameleon, who was watching in the distance however wasn’t. Which is why he asked God to consider another option.

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Stocktaking – Goodbye August

Word Count = 650

Estimated Reading Time = 3 minutes 15 seconds

Hello loves. So August came and went and here I am again at the end and beginning of things. I have to admit that this month was rather eventful. My story wasn’t published, I chucked the website revamp, my cousin passed away and somewhere in there I forgot about my dad’s birthday.

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