Christmas stories, church and spreading the reason for the season were always Jane’s forte. As far as Tim was concerned, a Christmas tree, presents and having his parents come over to spoil the kids was more manageable.

It was all that he could do to distract them on their first Christmas without their mother.

So when Kimmy, Tim’s little boy, asks to hear the real Christmas story, Tim is forced to confront not just his fractured faith but also his grief and neglected feelings as well as those of his children for the very first time since Jane’s death.

What starts out as a night by the fire might just end up as the beginning of a grieving family’s journey towards healing, closure and perhaps an understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.

Every writer needs a little bit of motivation every now and then to climb out of the slumps. That’s why I compiled this volume of thematic daily writing prompts. They are not rules to fix you in a box. These prompts are a guide back to the path. So take them and allow yourself the freedom to find your way back to what you love to write.

Disclaimer: Some of the prompts explore mature content that is not suitable for persons under the age of 18 years.

Slowly the round faced idiot was beginning to appreciate the power of the nook. Silently he crept down and silently he went up. On most days I hardly noticed that he was even there. That is of course until I looked up and caught his dimpled smile and squinted stare look away abashed. Why is that? Why is he staring at me?

Disclaimer- The Nook is intended for a mature adult audience of 18 years and above. Not suitable for younger readers.

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