Ding dong ditch was always an excuse to spy on Mrs. Mwaure’s niece in her underwear. It was never about catching Philly’s deadbeat dad shagging her in the guest bedroom. So he did what any friend would do. He shoved him and threw a shoe at his face. Something about Philly activated an internal instinct to protect that Ryan never knew he had. It also turned him into an enormous doofus with the love language of a tyrannosaurus rex. Could time thaw out this bumbling jock and turn high school puppy love into the perfect idyll or will it just send him crashing into ultimate social oblivion?

At the age of 65, Breve thought he’d finally discovered what the hole in his life had been. He was gay. He just never imagined that this new reality involved getting separated from the best thing to ever come out of his marriage; his son. Then an accident happened and the boy next door, a boy he had practically raised traipsed into his heart and for the first time in a very long time, that hole gave promise of finally being filled. That is of course at the odd chance that he could convince his best friend to overlook him dating his 25 year old son.

Yendo loved hair. He knew his way around it and everyone who had felt his magic hands agreed. Trouble was, the only person he was even remotely interested in was tall, straight and hella grumpy. At least between the hours of 9 and 5. After that, Nandi went under the alias Tyro and loved it when Yendo tugged at his cornrows during foreplay. Fun as it was at first, Tyron was made for quickies to spice up the mundane. Nandi on the other hand wasn’t, and neither was his baby mama.

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