When Jaye Munene made the uncharacteristic decision to leave Bildad Corporation for a freelance writing position at Sun City, her mother thought her frivolously impractical, her stepsister Kai -an actuary turned opera singer- saluted her equally bold career move, and her stepfather, well, in all the years Jaye had known him, he never seemed to care much about what she did. As an employee and as a daughter, she would always be replaceable. But that wasn’t the case with Zaire Nzomo. He was a different breed of man, cut from a different cloth; a bright Nairobi blue akin to the city under the sun. At least that’s what she hoped, in spite of what they all said- In spite of what he did.

Whether it’s two co-workers crammed in a claustrophobic office basement, a photographer with a penchant for boudoir photography, or a beautiful stranger in a gentleman’s club, ‘Lust at First Sight’ is a collection of MxM erotica short stories that single in on that split second between reason and impulse when the heart actually gets what the heart wants.