Daily Writing Prompts

Get Ready – Daily Writing Prompts

In the wake of the pandemic, the need to Get Ready and stay prepared for any and all emergencies has definitely hit home. Get Ready Day was established in the mid-2000s by the Public Health Association and the Get Ready website has a wealth of information to help those interested.

I Love Horses – Daily Writing Prompts

I love horses. They’re basically the cool kids of the animal kingdom. No other creature looks as effortlessly chill running around with long hair swishing in the wind. They know it, we know it, and today we’re celebrating their majestic beauty. Humans have been domesticating horses for up to 6000 years. In that time these …

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Embrace Your Geekness – Daily Writing Prompts

It is official. Time to unsheath our glorious Geekness and conquer the world. Break out the RPGs and grab your LARPing gear. Things are about to get nerdy. In spite of the Victorian era definition, being a geek is all about skill and ability (minus the biting off heads thing). We innovate, problem solve and …

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Simplicity – Daily Word Prompt

In the complicated humdrum of the digital age, simplicity is foreign. With everything getting even better updates, what worked before is quickly rendered useless. Slowly we are complicating life and ourselves in the process. It’s time to slow down, go back to the basics, and keep it simple. As writers, the one thing that draws …

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Fashion – Daily Writing Prompts

In the beginning, cave dwellers relied on clothes more for protection from the elements than for fashion. Now, clothing has gone far beyond this to reflect one’s style, self-expression, and art. Englishman Charles Frederick Worth’s House of Worth began the era of modern fashion design in Paris in 1826. No wonder names like Christian Dior, …

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