Filthy Rich by Wendy Holden – Book Review

When romantic Mary meets Monty, handsome heir to a stately pile, happiness seems assured. But as the mansion crumbles, passion wanes.

Banker’s wife Beth swaps Notting Hill for weekends at a bijou cottage. They only offered a smidgeon over the asking price. So why don’t the locals like them?

Eco-hag Morag is the terror of the village. She hates incomers, four-wheel drives, slug pellets, and anyone between her and absolute power.

Uber-WAG Alexandra needs a footballer’s mansion – fast. There must be a Hello!-tastic palace with pool, gym, champagne bar and helipad somewhere?

When these four face each other in a struggle over sex, power, and money – not to mention allotments – village life is never the same again.

About the Author

Wendy Holden was a journalist before becoming a novelist. At the time of publishing Filthy Rich, she had written seven previous novels, all top ten bestsellers. She is married and has two children.


Wendy brought village life alive with this well-spun tale that mixed in humor alongside the intricacies of marriage, demystifying the ‘happily ever after’ in stark beauty. The ending in particular gutted me to the core. Such a pleasantly gripping page-turner with so much heart.

Recommendation and Rating

A good read for anyone who loves a little drama, scandal, and witty humor, set within a small town with multiple points of view that do not steal you away from the wonderful plot.

Rating: 4 Stars


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