Gourmet Coffee – Daily Writing Prompts

There’s nothing like the aroma of hot freshly brewed gourmet coffee. It reminds me of my childhood, queuing in the bread section of the supermarket as my big sister ordered us a Madeira cake. Back then I was too young to take coffee, but she would always give me a sip just to quell my curiosity.

I’m older now and can take as much coffee as I want when I want to. However, my acidity doesn’t quite agree with that. Nevertheless, coffee will always hold a special place in my heart.

Happy Gourmet Coffee Day.

Today our characters get a cup of some piping hot, high-quality, finely brewed gourmet coffee to power them through their adventures.

18th January Writing Prompts

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

In honor of Gourmet Coffee Day, write an original story involving the following scenarios.

  1. The character in your story is a barista who is deathly allergic to coffee.
  2. Your character is the first prototype humanoid that runs entirely on gourmet coffee.
  3. A coffee plantation is plagued by a ruthless ancient creature that covets the bean.
  4. A universal law bans coffee worldwide, launching global pandemonium.
  5. A young coffee bean dreams of one day brewing the best gourmet coffee.

Remember to use the tag ‘dailywitheli’ so that I can add your story to my word prompt hall of fame. You do not have to attempt all of the prompts. However, if and when inspiration strikes, do follow the muse.

For today’s prompt, we are tackling Sudden Fiction. This is a story with 101 to 750 words. Therefore, as always, try your best to stick within the confines of the word count.

Take time to stretch, walk, grab a drink of water, or better yet, a mug of hot freshly brewed coffee.

Do have fun with today’s writing prompts.

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