What I specialize In;

Beta Reading

I’m always looking out for a fresh new story and a chance to be a part of the creation of one is more than welcome. Having someone else go through your manuscript and help you fill in those plot holes and refine your manuscript is what every writer needs. I’m all about helping you do just that.

My genres of preference are crime mystery, fantasy, erotica, and romance. I handle everything from full manuscripts, novellas, short stories and even comic book scripts. LGBTQ+ projects are my favorite.

What I Offer;

Indented feedback within the Word/PDF document of your manuscript pertaining to Plot Holes, Characterization, and Pacing as well as recommendations and/or suggestions to better develop the plot.

An accompanying filled Beta Reader’s Checklist addressing Plot, Characterization, Pacing and Recommendations in specific question and answer format as well as final thoughts on the manuscript for your perusal.

2 Q&A sessions with you for any and all issues not addressed in the above documents.


Day 1 – I go through the entire manuscript from start to end to get the flow of the story.

Day 2 – I go over the manuscript again, paying specific attention to problem areas in plot and pacing, guided by a pre-prepared Beta Reader’s checklist.

Day 3 – I go through the script a third time, paying mind to characterization and inconsistencies therein.

Day 4 – I go through the manuscript a fourth time, indenting observations, comments and suggestions as far as plot and characterization are concerned within the manuscript.

Day 5 – I proceed to fill in the Beta Reader’s Checklist where I will make my first submission via email for your review.

Day 6 – We have our first Q&A session via WhatsApp or email to address any issues not met by the checklist or indented comments. I then compile my feedback and present my second submission for your perusal.

Day 7 – We have our final Q&A session via WhatsApp or email to address A.O.B.s and then I make my final submission for your perusal.

Other Services

Guest Posting – The single best way to showcase your work is to write for as many people as possible. I enjoy writing and every excuse to do so, I take it. So reach out to me by clicking the orange button below and let’s talk words.  Click here to go through the list of guest posts I’ve done in the recent past.

Reviews – Feedback is at the heart of any creative or business venture. That is why it is always my pleasure to offer my own creative criticism to written work. If you’ve ever written anything in your life, you know how nerve-racking it is just waiting to find out whether people liked it or not. Let me help you make that one less thing to worry about.

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