I finally plucked up the courage to publish IDYLL, my very first novel which happens to also be a bxb story. It has been a long time coming and I am ecstatic about taking the plunge.

For those new to the genre, bxb simply means boy-on-boy love (Like Heartstopper). The title IDYLL was my own clever twist on the phrase ‘Puppy Love’ which is basically what the story centers on. So before I talk some more about the book, let me slap the blurb on here and give you the gist of the story.


Ding dong ditch was always an excuse to spy on Mrs. Mwaure’s niece in her underwear. It was never about catching Philly’s deadbeat dad shagging her in the guest bedroom. So Ryan did what any friend would do. He shoved Philly and threw a shoe at his face. Something about Philly activated an internal instinct to protect that Ryan never knew he had. It also turned him into an enormous doofus with the love language of a tyrannosaurus rex. Could time thaw out this bumbling jock and turn high school puppy love into the perfect idyll or will it just send him crashing into ultimate social oblivion?

-IDYLL, A BxB Story


So unlike the very wholesome and absolutely cutesy Heartstopper comics that I will forever be in love with, IDYLL is more suited for the big boys. It’s raunchy, there’s a lot of cursing and a bunch of hormonal teenage boys obsessing over their big boy dicks and descended testicles.

It’s also about finding yourself at a time when so much is changing. The story explores divorce, identity, sexuality, and faith. There’s also a sprinkle of inappropriate humor and cutesy scenes that force us to awww all the way to the end.

As it is an online novel, you can and will find it here on my website under books. Feel free to share the bxb love.

This is Book 1 and is meant to be relatively wholesome. So I will not include any sex scenes until the boys actually get to 18. That’s all the way in Book 4. However, there are a bunch of adults in the story who do get to a lot of shagging in the course of time. These and other tasteful snippets will be curated as erotica flash fiction that you can unlock by purchasing membership tickets in my shop. Complementary story goodies will also be available on Ko-fi and Patreon. After all, a boy’s gotta eat, right?

I’m really looking forward to sharing this story with you. Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with Ryan and his rag-tag group as much as I did.




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