Innocent Pleasures, a Sudden Fiction Story

I lay sprawled out naked and languid, wrapped in the drunken stupor of euphoria glistening in mirrored reflections through his copper hew eyes. Watery and searching they blinked down at me, reiterating my thundering heart that roared untamed and free. It beat hard, screaming longingly for his arms; sweaty and brazen, to dalliance my wraith-like fantasies.

He obliged.

My raging thoughts were now no longer ghostly distant and shameful. They’d morphed tangibly before my eyes into a molten dance of passion and love that only flared the intense pleasure of the moment. It was like drifting off into a vivid wonder of a dream only when I kept half-expecting myself to wake up, the moment never came. It was real. My vivid wonder of a dream had turned into reality.

His very touch made my skin; soft and sensitive, burn and ripple with lucid waves of hot trepidation for what was to come. I had longed for this; imagined the very first time that he would touch me, hold me, heck, even kiss me. When it finally happened though, it was beyond anything that I could’ve fathomed.

It was painful yes, yet soothing at the same time; scary yet ethereally beautiful. Forbidden was no longer the word and that only made it sweeter. The pleasure of it was etched in the way his fingers swam searchingly through my hair. It was heightened by his lips, moist and delicate as they tracked teasingly down my neck and peaked especially as his curly beard tickled the tip of my nipples.

I writhed engulfed in the security of his arms and lost myself completely to him as I had never done before. It was liberating beyond compare and my eyes bore witness, moistened and welled up with satisfaction that only tears could express.

I was finally his… bruised and battered though I was by youthful lust, he had accepted me. He was to me a wrench from my darkened past; a welcome quench to my ever-present thirst.

The End

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