Kittens – Daily Writing Prompts

It is no secret that cats rule the world. In which case, kittens must rule the entire galaxy. These furry little balls of cuteness with their pink paws and meowing are our Achilles heel.

This is why humanity has domesticated felines for more than 10,000 years. During this time, civilizations such as Ancient Egypt have shown our shared value for felines by shaving off their eyebrows when mourning their dearly departed cat.

Happy Kittens Day

Today we celebrate kittens and their ability to manipulate us with their adorableness. It is the opportunity for our characters to try to resist them and fail miserably.

10th July Writing Prompts

Photo by little plant on Unsplash

In honor of Kitten Day, write an original story involving the following scenarios.

  1. Your character volunteers at an animal shelter and forges a bond with a unique kitten.
  2. Your character is a kitten and has been put up for adoption.
  3. While at a vet to have their new kitten vaccinated, your character discovers they can talk to cats.
  4. The character in your story is an infamous cat burglar who specializes in stealing exotic kittens from the rich.
  5. Your character’s neighbor’s pet kitten is a descendant of an ancient Egyptian line of sentient felines that have come to dominate the world.

Remember to use the tag ‘dailywitheli’ so that I can add your story to my word prompt hall of fame. You do not have to attempt all of the prompts. However, if and when inspiration strikes, do follow the muse.

For today’s prompt, we are tackling Sudden Fiction. This is a story of 101 to 700 words. Therefore, as always, try your best to stick within the confines of the word count.

Take time to stretch, walk, grab a drink of water and get back into it. If you have a kitten, feel free to pet it now. It’s all in the name of research.

Have fun with today’s writing prompts.

…And enjoy the days before the cat apocalypse, muahahaha…

Don’t mind me, I’m just kitten around.


Until tomorrow,



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