Lone Star Protector by Lenora Worth – Book Review

Book Summary

When dog trainer Kaitlin Mathers is attacked, Texas K-9 Unit captain Slade McNeil is determined to keep her – and what’s left of his family – safe from harm. But soon Slade realizes nothing’s safe, including his dogs, his son or the beautiful woman who’s opening his heart. When Slade realizes the enemy might be closer than he ever dreamed possible, he vows to see justice served. But can he save Kaitlin before it’s too late to tell her he loves her?

About the Author

Lenora Worth has written more than forty books for three different publishers. Her career with Love Inspired spans close to fifteen years. With millions of books in print, she has now turned to full-time fiction writing and enjoying adventures with her retired husband, Don. Married for thirty six years, they have two grown children. Lenora enjoys writing, reading and shopping… especially shoe shopping.


I particularly enjoyed the fact that though the story was a romance, the characters did not pine in a way that absolutely took away from the situation. Whatever grew was as a result of each trying to find their way through what was going on. In the end, it was more a matter of inevitability than a forced plot which I truly appreciated.

Recommendation and Rating

For any dog lover looking for an inspirational romance with a taste of thrill.

Rating : 4 Stars


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