Ndindi and the Magic Window – Sudden Fiction

Word Count = 275 words

Estimated Reading Time = 1 minute 23 seconds

Ndindi was never one to be easily stirred from her sleep. However, the tapping on the attic window was unusually loud.

Rap-tap-tap-rap-a-tap-tap the sound went, over and over again.

Ndindi pulled the covers over her head and turned away from the window. She forced herself to return to her flying dream. There had been pixies and fairies and giant mushrooms that grew as big as houses.


She had ridden unicorns and swam with the mermaids.


Even the gnomes had invited her for tea, though she had refused, for she much rather preferred a plate of chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk.


It was no use. Ndindi knew she wouldn’t be returning to her blissful dream as long as that tapping persisted.

Frustrated, she pulled the covers away and turned, glaring in the direction of the window. Past the drawn curtains, the tapping continued to taunt her defiantly.


Ndindi hopped off the bed and marched across the carpeted floor. Then she drew the curtain to the side in one seamless sweep of her hands, ready to silence the interruption.

It took a minute for her eyes to adjust to the blinding morning sun. When they did though, she could not quite make out what exactly she was looking at. Was it a bird or a tree branch?

Ndindi rubbed her sleepy eyes and blinked at the strange creature beyond the glass window. Her eyes it seemed weren’t playing tricks on her at all. The creature was quite unmistakably both bird and branch.

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