Nude – Daily Writing Prompts

It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot. I’m gonna take my clothes off, you know, because it’s nude day.

There are lots of benefits to going nude. You can do your laundry or see whether it’s just like the naked dream. Then again, you can walk around in the buff because you can.

Just make sure that you don’t have any zoom meetings scheduled for the day, and sprawl out on the couch like a nude model.

Happy National Nude Day

We’re going au naturel today, so no clothes are allowed. Time to get our shy characters out of all those layers and in the nude.

14th July Writing Prompts

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In honor of Nude Day, write an original story involving the following scenarios.

  1. Your characters attempt skinny dipping for the very first time.
  2. The character in your story takes on a temp job as a nude model.
  3. While vacationing in a seaside town, your character stumbles upon a nude beach.
  4. Your character has that nightmare where you show up naked to school, only it’s not a dream.
  5. During a speech, a character with stage fright imagines everyone is naked to alleviate his fear only to realize later that he can’t turn it off.

Remember to use the tag ‘dailywitheli’ so that I can add your story to my word prompt hall of fame. You do not have to attempt all of the prompts. However, if and when inspiration strikes, do follow the muse.

For today’s prompt, we are tackling Sudden Fiction. This is a story of 101 to 700 words. Therefore, as always, try your best to stick within the confines of the word count.

Take time to stretch, walk, grab a drink of water, and get right back. If you’ve never written in the nude, this is the perfect opportunity to try your luck.

All in all, have fun with today’s writing prompts, and remember, bare butts are cool.

Until tomorrow,



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