Paradise House by Erica James – Book Review

Angel Sands is a traditional seaside resort of bed and breakfasts, holiday cottages, and tea shops. And with the best views of the tiny beach and surrounding coastline is Paradise House, home to the Baxter girls, known locally as the Sisters of Whimsy.

With their mother taking time out to ‘find’ herself, it’s down to Genevieve to run the family-owned B&B – not an easy task, given that her father has suddenly become a magnet for the opposite sex. And there’s little help from her sisters; Nattie is too busy offending a long-time admirer, and Polly spends most of the time with her head in the clouds or a book.

Then a nearby dilapidated barn is sold -and Genevieve finds that a bittersweet trip down memory lane is unavoidable.

About the Author

Erica James grew up in Hampshire and has since lived in Oxford, Yorkshire, and Belgium. She now lives in Cheshire with her two sons, Edward, and Samuel. She is the author of ten bestselling novels, four of which have been nominated for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award.


A fun relatable cast of characters who brought out what it truly means to be a family. Running family businesses is never easy and we saw it through the eyes of Genevieve who seemed to hold everything together while she herself crumbled under the pressure. That is of course until destiny decided to smile her way. I must admit, the male protagonist was one of a kind and the cherry on top of this heartwarming story.

Recommendation and Rating

A definite must-read for anyone looking for a sweet romantic story with a practical, organic, and believable friends-to-lovers arc.

Rating: 5 Stars


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