Poem 021 – When Love was Love

If I could climb back through time, slip away out of sight,

I would fly back to the time when love was love and all that mattered was the two of us.

When letters were scribbled in ink and parchment and it took us months of sweet agony to wait and watch.

The days when beautiful replaced sexy and lovely made you blush,

When I would hold your hand entirely and hope to not squeeze too much.

I would sail to the days when horses were raised and down the glades, we would ride and laze,

When starlight roared on each sky we gazed and silence held our hearts at bay.

I would teleport to courtyards where chivalry was not lost, to duel with bandits and win your heart,

Disappear to dark dungeons, caves filled with bats, battle ghouls and witches, great dragons and all that,

All to rescue fair maiden from terrible curse and if I’m lucky, steal a kiss, and break a curse.

Then away from the world we would fly to the coast, and drink from the brook, quench our lovers’ thirst,

We would get lost in the dense jungle and never ever wish to be found.

I would take us back to grounds of truth where lovers meet, sit and talk,

For hours and hours of forever; no end, till night whispers goodnight, go off to bed.

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