Collaborating with fellow writers and brainstorming with clients to curate that spick and span written piece is what I’m all about. Writing shouldn’t have to be a hustle when you have people like me to ease the load and get the job done. I’ve picked out a few of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on for your reading pleasure. Just click on the buttons to read the full post.

A Flash-Fiction collaboration with Shikha Tatwadarshi of Purple Pants Blog.

A Poetry collaboration with Lexa Lubanga of Love Set Free Blog.

A transcribed blog post for Maureen Kamari of Amari Baking Centre.

A satirical opinion piece collaboration with Jassim Jumbe of Millenial Dater

Image courtesy of Rafinki.com. No copyright infringement intended.

A Poetry submission for Rafinki.

A Short Story submission for Ekonke.