Alpha & Beta Reading

What is Alpha and Beta Reading?

What this basically means is that I’m your unpaid test reader for your Work In Progress (WIP), your unreleased work of literature or other writing requiring a second opinion before you make it public. Because let’s face it, before we give our baby out to the world, we always want an honest but loving pair of eyes and brains to review our work and help us iron out those kinks.

Consider me a pair of the aforementioned eyes to take and treat your baby with the utmost care and truthful love it deserves. You’ve after all spent so much time with it. It’s only fair that you hand it to someone who treats it with as much care and attention to detail as it deserves.

As an Alpha Reader, I’ll go through your very first draft with all the mistakes and spelling mishaps, the plot holes and raw jumble of the unedited version of your story and tell you if you’re on the right track based on your plot idea. I’ll be checking for the consistency of the story plot, characters, pacing of the story and how it all ties to the end. Whatever feedback i give will be to help you in doing your second draft.

As a Beta Reader, I’ll go through your second draft which is polished up a bit. You get to fix punctuation, grammar, spelling, character flaws and inconsistencies, work a bit on the plot holes. Basically it’s stage two where I’ll now not be looking at it more as a writer but as a casual reader, asking myself, do I like this story? What do I like or don’t I like about it? What do I wish was there or wasn’t there; all information you will need to know if the story accomplished whatever message or mood you wanted it to pass to me, your reader.

Depending on my current projects and the fact that this is all free because the best things always are, I’ll read and deliver my honest and detailed feedback to you when expected from the Point of View (POV) of an average reader. If and when my projects are piled up though, I’ll of course be sure to let you know, but either way, you are guaranteed to have my full undivided attention and truth; in love of course, but nonetheless detailed and honest.

Why Do I Need an Alpha or Betareader?

A Beta or Alpha reader may not be a professional, yes, but then again, neither are your readers, which makes us the best kind of person to deal with before you go public. Whether you’re publishing a book and want to start commissioning an editor to go through your draft which needs money, or you just want to post it on your social media or blog, you want to be sure that you’re giving out what you’re absolutely proud of. Am I right?

As an Alpha or Beta Reader, it is my job to do just that for you. I provide advice and comments in the opinions of an average reader to make sure that you turn your first draft/ written piece into your first love. So kind of like a best friend would do just before you left the house, making sure you don’t go out looking like you have a grudge against mirrors. I got you.

Then of course you, the author, get to use this feedback to fix any remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency. I also serve as a sounding board for you to see if the book has had the intended emotional impact that you wanted it to have.

I mean, if you can have at least five total strangers tell you that the book is good, then it must be good right and the opposite would likewise be the same. So let me be one of those five and help you get your baby walking on its two feet. The world needs to read your story, so get it out there Ink Slinger. Tell your story.

If you’re interested, I am always glad to help, just email me on and let’s talk about that WIP.

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Photos Courtesy of Annie Spratt – Unsplash