Shipwrecked – Drabble – Micro-Fiction

The piscator who’d cuffed me to the anchor swung his fist at his partner. None of them noticed me break off the piece of Styrofoam sticking out of the ice chest.

I quickly fashioned a message; Morse code via aglet. It was a long shot.

The message would lead whoever came out of the reefs alive, back to shore. It wouldn’t be me. Thanks to interference, the storm allowed my team to dive unseen.

The sea raged. Thankfully, the cameras stayed blind. The squall hid the shipwreck; inside was the treasure we sought. Success was unequivocal; so was death.

The End


Hey love. I hope you’re doing great. I really love playing around with my old pieces and giving them a fresh new look. Shipwrecked for one used to be ‘Baraka’ and it was about a cop raid gone bad. It was also about 363 words. Granted it was a bit easier to edit as compared to Kits and Havens, but still quite challenging.

This time around I went for a Drabble (micro fiction) which is basically a story with a maximum of 100 words. I think I was quite content with how it turned out after countless edits… haha.

How about you, have you ever attempted micro fiction?


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