Stocktaking – Goodbye April

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Hey love, another month, another opportunity for awesomeness. April was a good one. The writing bug kept biting and I gladly let into the disease that is storytelling. Amidst said disease, a certain birdie by the name Lexa spread some word about my writing and I got another chance to guest post.

Unexpectedly so, I was contacted through Instagram. I had began to lose hope in the platform’s ability to benefit me at this point, but I guess it has redeemed itself. Good job Insta.

I’m not going to flood you with posts anytime soon, but at least I’ll resist the urge to delete you; for now.

Anyway, after a conversation with the lovely Lynda, who ironically shares a name with my youngest sister aka my twin soul, I made my story contribution to Ekonke.

Just in case you are unaware of the magic that is Ekonke, allow me to direct you hereThey are a community of storytellers connected through the charm, history and magnificence of African stories and I just love the web design… brilliant.

My story submission was a little fictional piece titled The Curse of the Shahidi.

It was inspired by a plot generator I fiddled with some time back that was a great creative blockbuster.

The opportunity to share my work is always not just appreciated, but awed. It’s one thing for you to fall in love with your writing. It’s yet another for someone else to stumble on your writing and love it too. So this was definitely a high for me.

I am now a contributor for this amazing collection of African creatives and I cannot wait to continue to pour into the honey pot of delicious stories.

Make sure to drop by the Ekonke website and show some love. We writers always love it when you read our stories and we especially love it even when you like our work and interact with us.

So stop everything and go do that…haha.

Cheers to happier days to come, more guest posts and blooming creativity.


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