Stocktaking – Goodbye December

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Hey love. First of all, a Happy New Year in advance and Happy Holidays to you. I don’t know about you but I just love December. Perhaps it is the child in me who just bubbles up with excitement at the very prospect of presents.

I know that the prospect of presents is not what the season is about. I also have not received Christmas presents in a very very long time. Still, every time the month comes along it brings with it the same effervescent childlike joy.

There is always the expectation within me that something wonderful is about to happen.

A lot of wonderful treats came my way this December. For one, I went through another of Agatha Christie’s books, The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side. You can read my review here. I really do love her style of writing. She spins mysteries with such subtle brilliance that the end always leaves me brilliantly surprised.

I also went on a bit of a buying spree and got myself a couple of Dan Brown and G.R.R. Martin books I had not planned to buy. I could not help it. It was boxing day and they were on sale.

I have no regrets.

My time was also pleasantly filled by beta reading my writer buddy’s Work in Progress. I cannot wait to get myself a copy of it to share the beautiful story with my others. Also, I am not completely hating the idea of eventually getting into full-time editing.

As the month progressed, I also finally got my first jab of the COVID vaccine. I had my reservations, as do so many and understandably so, especially after my dad’s death. I believe a lot of it was trauma. A part of me also just grimly reserved myself to the reality that death will find me with or without the vaccine.

Nevertheless, I found my way back to reason and made the choice to hope again. I’m glad I did, even with the side effects. The festivities were not grand, but they were far less depressing than they were last year for the family.

There was a lot more laughter and joy and God was in the midst of us. I know it sounds strange and perhaps a tad preachy. Still, I felt him. He was there in the genuine smiles, the full laughs, the awkward silences, and passive aggression. He made it a Christmas with a difference and the hole that is so unmistakably prevalent within us as a family did not ache so much.

Thank you God for that and thank you for life, health and hope. Whatever lies ahead of us, I trust that you will be in control in and through all things.

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