Stocktaking – Goodbye July

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Hey love. July is over and hopefully the cold with it. I cannot wait for the sun to come out and blaze as usual. I’m just not used to having to put on so many layers.

In other news, I have been doing a lot better as far as writing is concerned. I made a short story submission to EkonkeSweet Little Virgins, which should be coming up soon. I’ll put up the link here as soon as it’s up.

I also participated in two of the weekly writing competitions on reedsy. The first one has a few errors that really bug me, especially because I can’t edit the story now that it’s published.

That said, the story is decent enough to overlook the mishaps, I hope…haha. It’s called The Boy under the Bridge and is a sort of sad drama.

It involves a haunted mansion, a ghost and a massacre. That’s all I’m giving you for now.

The second piece is It Started with a Knock. It’s about an introverted widower whose peaceful day alone is interrupted by his family.

Sadly none of the two submissions have won, but at least I’m writing again and that’s such a relief. There are a few things that give me comfort and writing is one of them.

It gives me such therapy to simply sit and empty words onto the blank page. It’s intimidating of course and most times I hate what I write. Nevertheless, I do it because good things take time and rewrites and editing and work, lots of work.

All the writers in the house say Mmmmmh… haha.

I also decided to take a bit of a shift from transcription into offering helpful tips and tricks for my writer buddies. I decided on world building because I do it all day every day, I love history, research and working with graphics.

World-building is also something a lot of writers don’t take seriously enough in written, visual and media. The inconsistencies I’ve noted from all my favorite TV shows and books are cringe-worthy.

This is my stand-in trying to curb the scourge that is Deus ex Machina and her other ugly step sisters. You can check out the revamped website here and let me know what you think.

I decided to start from the basics of World Building so that anyone can follow.

All in all July wasn’t altogether bad. I’m still battling my grief. I say battling because it’s heavy. Sometimes I just want to curl up into a ball and not do anything. Then I think about how my dad would be very disappointed in me if I wasted away like that.

So I pick myself up, wipe off my tears and try again. It’s definitely gotten tolerable with time. Hopefully, more time will make living without him start to feel normal.

I don’t like this new normal at all, but I need it to move on.

How about you, how did your July look like?

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