Stocktaking – Goodbye June

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Hey love. Now June is done and I have to say, it has been quite the bitter cold month. Also, I think I sprained my ankle because my foot swells up to about double its size at the end of every day.

Don’t worry though, I got the doc to look at it so it should be good with rest and putting it up. Lesson learned, don’t run every single day without giving yourself enough breaks. Breaks are important too.

I also got a bit more serious with my music. We’ve been having classes and so far I can play around with notes and tweak my favorite songs. We’ve even been working on a certain beautiful anthem for four voices which I might let you in on when we are ready, so stay put.

That said, I did not do much writing this month. I did get a dog though, which is a lot of responsibility. Puppies are adorable, but they shit like crazy and they eat a lot. Is this what fatherhood feels like?

Anyway, I have to juggle a few things and get back on schedule. I’ve decided to focus a lot more of shorter completed projects than the longer ones. That will motivate me to keep going and most importantly, to finish things.

I might also attempt another guest post; get those creative juices flowing. I’m not making any promises though. The laziness is real.

But enough about me, how did your June look like?

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