Stocktaking – Goodbye September

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Hello love. I don’t know about you but 2021 seems to be in a hurry to get done. Just the other day I was struggling through the worst New Year and now we’re talking of three months left to the end of the year. If nothing else I want to thank God for his grace and actually getting me this far. I truly did not imagine it would be possible.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of it, because I feel like my grief is all these past few stocktaking posts have been about, how about we talk about something a little bit brighter. My writing for one has become a lot more consistent of late. Editing has paid off and by tomorrow, you will start to sample some of the work I’ve been doing behind closed doors. I’m so excited about that.

One thing I must admit is the hard work and willpower it takes to sit down and write. It is not easy. Even when you have everything lined up in terms of plot and direction, anything can happen to throw you off. Besides the overall mental weight of dealing with grief, procrastination has been a real thorn in my flesh of late.

I know that I should be writing, but I’d much rather sit down and catch up on the latest episode of ELITE. It’s easier and less stressful. However, I’m glad that I pushed myself to at least try. It’s helped me to scrounge up content that I will be able to share out with you in the days to come. As far as whether it was an altogether good month though, I’m not entirely certain it was.

There was a lot of progress made in terms of making plans that much I’ll admit. But there’s a lot less action and seeing those plans going anywhere. I don’t know if that makes sense. Plus I’ve been so stressed out and in and out of hospital that I can feel my body screaming for a break.

Hopefully, October will slide in with a lot more grace and results. I am so hungry for change it hurts. I need it the way a fish needs water and I will have it by hell or high water.

How about you, how satisfactory was your September?

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