Stocktaking – Goodbye April

Word Count = 900 words

Estimated Reading Time =  4 minutes

Genre = Editorial

Hey love and a happy new month to you. Here we stand at the end as well as the beginning of things and I dare say, there is much to be expected and no small measure of things to be grateful for, so grab that mop because your boy is about to spill the tea.

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Stocktaking – Goodbye April

Word Count = 357

Estimated Reading Time = 1 minute 47 seconds

Hey love, another month, another opportunity for awesomeness. April was a good one. The writing bug kept biting and I gladly let into the disease that is storytelling. Amidst said disease, a certain birdie by the name Lexa spread some word about my writing and I got another chance to guest post.

Unexpectedly so, I was contacted through Instagram. I had began to lose hope in the platform’s ability to benefit me at this point, but I guess it has redeemed itself. Good job Insta.

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The Night of the Kobolds – Flash Fiction

Word Count = 300

Estimated Reading Time = 1 minute 30 seconds

His kitchen was a hush as all fell asleep,

Stomachs stuffed with cured mead, bread, and meat.

The feast flung songs up high to the heavens,

Now a faint dripping sound was all that could be found.

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