Innocent Pleasures, a Sudden Fiction Story

I lay sprawled out naked and languid, wrapped in the drunken stupor of euphoria glistening in mirrored reflections through his copper hew eyes. Watery and searching they blinked down at me, reiterating my thundering heart that roared untamed and free. It beat hard, screaming longingly for his arms; sweaty and brazen, to dalliance my wraith-like fantasies.

Coastal Mistress, a Sudden Fiction story

The drapes fluttered open as the sunlight flooded her, his rays rippling and warmth kissing her fingertips, face, and lips. He took her, devoured her, and swallowed her whole. Brazen he was as he flowed over her, brushing through raven hair glistened with olive sheen and loose curls. His molten graze seared pleasantly on her …

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