Kid Inventors – Daily Writing Prompts

You probably don’t know this, but there are a number of contraptions out there that are thanks to innovative kid inventors. These include the Popsicle, trampoline, earmuffs, swim flippers, and braille. Happy Kid Inventors’ Day. Today our characters get wisdom from the mouth of babes because it’s all about kid inventors this time around. 17th January Writing …

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Religion – Daily Writing Prompts

The world is populated by billions of people, each with an individual take on religion. World Religion Day was first observed in October 1947 during an event hosted by Firuz Kazemzadeh. It has since been marked to celebrate each belief system in the world while allowing everyone an opportunity for awareness. Happy World Religion Day. Today …

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Poem 024 – Remember

I remember bright blue skies, fresh country air, and the sound of children playing in the backyard. Before the troops moved in, the burning buildings, the horrible, horrible screaming. Why won’t it end? Why won’t it just stop?

Lost and Found – Daily Writing Prompts

Throughout history, people have been losing personal items and finding others, both with a varied mix of emotions. The lost and found section has been piling up ever since. Lost and Found Day was invented in order to acknowledge the impact that losing and finding our possessions has on our lives. Happy Lost and Found …

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