Every single client I have worked with, every writer I have encountered has left a mark in my life. To be trusted with one’s ideas, vision, even business is a high level of trust and I am eternally grateful for the trust each and everyone of you have shown me in inviting this little old writer into your creative space.


“It was about a year ago when I first interacted with Eli on a writer’s platform. Then the conversation sparked our friendship to writing together and sharing our love for books. He also runs a blog that has become my everyday addiction. His platform is well arranged¬† from words that enlighten you, make you feel loved, educate and most of all entertain. You wouldn’t waste your 10 minute break from work to read through his works. Writing Pray Maria with him was a success, having laid out the idea to him then he penned it with the most appropriate words I hadn’t thought of in the first place. Yes, the idea was all over the place but he eventually did his magic! Simply soft with his words.”

Lexa Lubanga

“Eli has been such a great help and a great addition to our content creation process. We were really struggling with keeping up with our blog and video transcription to keep up with our content creation strategy. He is a very gifted writer and a very professional individual as well. I would recommend him. He is really amazing at what he does. Thanks so much Eli, looking forward to continue working with you.”

Maureen Kamari

I met Eli a few months ago and slowly he has reminded me of the bliss that is writing. He has a very interesting outlook on life and it shows in his works. Through writing Valentine’s is Coming, I have got the pleasure of seeing how he works and his entire process which has motivated me to get back into the blogging space. I will be very honored to work with him in the future on other projects.

Jassim Jumbe

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