Valentine’s – Daily Writing Prompts

It is finally here, the day that we ask that age-old Valentine’s question, Will you be my Valentine?

On this day in 270AD, St. Valentine’s was martyred. At least that is what history records. His crime? Marrying young couples in secret when the emperor had forbidden it. This was in the interest of building a formidable army that fought without distractions.

However, there are two other Valentines who were martyrs for their part in spreading love in an otherwise war-torn Roman empire. It seems even then, the name heralded the universal unspoken language that is love.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today your characters get to follow in the footsteps of these brave martyrs to enable love to flourish on this Valentine’s day.

14th February Writing Prompts

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

In honor of Valentine’s Day, write an original story involving the following scenarios.

  1. Two star-crossed lovers elope against their feuding families’ wishes.
  2. A workaholic forgets to make a Valentine’s reservation at the hottest new restaurant, settling for takeout and cheesy RomComs.
  3. Through a twist of fate, a character’s fictional crush appears in the real world, bent on taking them back into their fictional world.
  4. The hot main character in your story ditches their gorgeous love interest for the ordinary side character.
  5. Your character’s valentine’s plans go from bad to worse, ending in the most unexpected way.

Remember to use the tag ‘dailywitheli’ so that I can add your story to my word prompt hall of fame. You do not have to attempt all of the prompts. However, if and when inspiration strikes, do follow the muse.

For today’s prompt, we are tackling Flash Fiction. This is a story with 1501 to 7000 words. Therefore, as always, try your best to stick within the confines of the word count.

Take time to stretch, walk, grab a drink of water, and remember, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, makes the world go round.

All in all, have fun with today’s writing prompts. 

Until tomorrow,



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