The best of days were when we laughed, were gay,

sprawled out on the grass, getting sun, eating tart.

As summer rolled in with our hearts on our sleeves,

and the wind whispering sweetly wanton secretive things.



Author’s Note


Hey love. Thank you so much for passing by and drinking in the wantonly delicious fragrance that is poetry. This sweet little piece was actually inspired by my own gay days at some point in the distant past. I have in the course of my 27 years enjoyed only two deep loves as you may already know from the unabridged version of my about me. If not you can just click here and get it on that action.

Anyway, of those two deep loves, one rocked me to the core. I still feel the reverberations of the immense passion and freedom to this day. I spill on the details as usual on my Patreon page. You can click here to slip in there and get in on some of that good stuff.

Also, I absolutely love hellos. Make sure you drop a hi down there and let’s giggle and talk about random things.


The beautiful shot up there is courtesy of Analise Benevides, Unsplash. You can click here to check out more of Analise’s beautiful work.


Until next time,


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